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Company Owner and Partner

History of Citsitra Designs & Printing

Citsitra Designs & Printing is a commercial graphic design & printing company based in Chicago, Illinois that began back in March of 1999 operating as a freelance design company, and consisting of just one person. The goal was set out to serve people that were in need of a practical solution to a problem. The operation began after transferring a publishing business call Chicago Rocks Magazine to a close associate.

From 2000 to 2003 Citsitra Designs & Printing did little business due to trying to find itself. A structuring period began to develope and the company had aqcuired some ground of steadyness. Afterwards, Citsitra Designs & Printing continued to grow obtaining enough business to continue to serve the community in and out the Chicagoland area. Citsitra Designs & Printing had captured a market that was new to the business world and it would continue to grow.  After an obvious realization, Citsitra Designs & Printing adopted the slogan "Essential For Everyone."

By September of 2011, the company partnered up and moved in with two other entrepreneurs to share office space that were running a business of thier own called Metro Mailboxes & Shipping and the office was an 800 square foot office. By this point the potenial of both companys working together out of the same office was great. Annual revenue was not at an ideal mark but the relationships that were being established were incredible each year and business seemed to be going pretty well.

But In March of 2015, Citsitra Designs & Printing due to struggles making due with the overhead of its current office space had to close. This sadden the community for all the great business & friendly relationships that had been formed. Sad goodbyes came one after another then shortly after that the doors were closed and both companies began to look for another outlet to provide their services to the public.

The company opened a business address for receiving mail at 8708 S. Bennett Ave. Chicago, IL in January 2016. Then seven months later Citsitra Designs & Printing opens it's new physcial store in addition to it's online operation as of August 1, 2016. Here they are partnered up with another company that services the community. Upon making this move, Citsitra Designs & Printing now has the ability to clearly focus on it's business model for the future. A stronger partnership was formed between Citsitra Designs & Printing and BB's Community Connections Center at the new facility located at 8800 S. Cottage Grove Ave. in Chicago, IL. Citsitra Designs & Printing at the same time has increased its mobility to be seen and heard online with social network media outlets and it's website: along with the physcial store striving to bring value to the communities it serves.

Citsitra Designs & Printing has serviced almost 10,000 customers nationwide and has produced several thousand pieces of creative works over the years. Citsitra Designs & Printing continues to humbly reach the market across the country, while providing reasonable turnaround times with excellent and professional service!

Company Owner and Partner

Darrell M. Roberts

Creative Professional & Print Specialist

Darrell M. Roberts is the founder and owner of Citsitra Designs & Printing along with his wife Tracy Roberts. Leading creative professional on all design & print projects. Graduating from The International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago, IL in 2008 receiving a BFA in visual communication: graphic design.      

Darrell's experience is wide ranged from fine art to corporate design. He has managed various projects for companies such as: Collins Academy & Dunbar Vocational High schools, Lohan Associates, OfficeMax, Staples, Ravina Festival, Olive Harvey City of Chicago College where he also worked as a tutor for handicap students, Tower Records, and McDonalds respectively.

Awards Received:

Business Start Up Certificate — City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (From Roxanne Nava — Chief Small Business Officer) June 2013

3rd Place for the Ravinia Poster Competition — Ravinia Festival, Summer of 2007

1st Place for the New House Architectural Competition and Awarded a Scholarship to Any Junior College for Two Years — Dunbar Vocational High School, 1989