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Make Your Mark on Your Books

When looking for personalized book imprinting services, turn to Citsitra Designs & Printing, in Chicago, Illinois. Through the hot foil stamping method, we can embed your name on the cover of your favorite book.

Event Invitation

The Method

Hot foil stamping is a printing technique where heat is applied to a metallic paper in order to transfer a design on a hard surface. This process is also called dry printing, since it doesn't require the usage of ink. Compared to other printing methods such as thermography, lithography and letterpress, foil stamping produces more appealing prints perfect for invitations or book covers. It gives a shiny, embossed finish that looks classy and formal.

Book Imprinting

At Citsitra Designs & Printing, we have a specialized machine used for leather and hardcover imprinting. If you want your personalize your Bible with your name, for example, we can do that for you.  You can have your full name imprinted on any book.  Apart from book imprinting, we also provide silkscreen printing services. Get in touch with us today for more information about these services.

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